2018 Photograph and Downloads

2018 Group photo.

Study – The Voice of God
Bro. Matt Davies (Notts Forest Rd) – MP3 audio, MP4 video

Main Study – Jesus’ last words to his disciples
Bro. David Nicholls – (Gorseinon)

1. Know ye what I have done to you ? – MP3 audio, MP4 video

2. Let not you heart be troubled – MP3 audio, MP4 video

3. I am the True vine – MP3 audio, MP4 video

4. Your Sorrow shall be turned into joy – MP3 audio, MP4 video


Study: Walking the Land: Lessons from Biblical Geography
Bro Leen Ritmeyer ( Cardiff Museum Place) – MP3 audio,  MP4 video

NOTE:  Bro. Leen gives his permissions for this video to be uploaded to the Castleton NWS 2018 website only.
He DOES NOT GIVE HIS PERMISSION for you under any circumstances to publish on the Internet/ YouTube etc., in any form whatsoever (due to ‘copyright’ and the fact that he earns his living, etc., from work reproduced in this video).

Family Evening:

  • Choir, Children’s Presentations & Prizes –  MP4 video (545MB)
  • The Little Ones Singing – MP4 video (170MB)